Team 6353

Team 6353, Zodiac FRC, also called Zodiac FRC Team 6353, is a non-profit FIRST® Robotics Competition team representing No.2 High School of East China Normal University in Shanghai, China. Our team has been made up of high school students from FRC association since 2016. We are made up of dedicated members who help students have interest in learning about robotics, designing and constructing a robot.

Our team has a focus on team culture, team impact and sustainability in studying robotics. We won many awards during the competitions before. We devote to making the most outstanding robot and spread our team to more places with high technology, an independent studios, support of our school and talented members. In addition, we also make sure that every member in our team will have fun in learning robotics. Over the course of the Competition season, our goal is to continue to make some progress, win more awards and construct our team better like a house for team members in the future.

Lead Mentor

Mr. Xiangdong Chen
Engineering mentor, a member of Technology Guidance and a member of Group and Advanced Placement course team.

Mr. Chen is member of Communist Party of China, who gives students labor and craft classes. As a master of science, he is active in exploring the applications of putting Maker Education and STEM model of teaching into practice in Comprehensive subjects in middle school, promoting the integration of technical and engineering literacy into the curriculum. He has ever taught students to win awards in various competitions such as Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition and Shanghai Labor Technology Competition and so on.

As the academic advisor of our club, he works diligently and conscientiously with passion.


Yuwei Gu

As an outstanding 6353 alumni and a current undergraduate student in Shanghai Jiaotong University, he is now tutoring the mechanical design. Yuwei is also serving as a member of SJTU-VEX team.

Zechen Wang

As a former chief designer for season 2019 & 2020, he is now transferring his brilliant ideas into CAD models for 6353. Thanks to his prominent work, 6353 is able to maintain its unique design styles.

Zhongyuan ‘Jarvis’ Zhang

As an undergraduate student at University of Chicago, Jarvis is helping the 6353 drive team remotely to stay cool on the field.